10.25x6x6 Small Lined Bin Dark Brown Weave Description:

10.25x6x6 Small Lined The Small Lined Milk Crate from Threshold is a compact dark brown basket made of paper rope. It is sturdy has versatile usages and looks good in any room of your home. It easily holds DVDs CDs socks and underwear toys devices and chargers—anything and everything. Perfect for the kitchen family room or bathroom shelves. The paper rope has been specially treated for durability and the basket has a polyester liner for protection. HANDCRAFTED Baskets have been woven for centuries in the provinces of China where our decorative baskets are crafted by skilled weavers. Strands of paper are twisted into richly-textured ropes and woven by hand to create beautiful and versatile storage solutions. 10.25x6x6 Small Lined Bin Dark Brown Weave