101 Improv Games for Children and Adults Description:

101 Improv Games What is the big deal about improv? Its fun. It strengthens our imagination promotes self-confidence increases spontaneity promotes teamwork and its magic: it creates something out of nothing. 101 IMPROV GAMES FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS contains the basics: what improv is all about and how to do it special instructions for how to teach improv to children plus more advanced training on how to use your voice and body in ways you havent thought of before. It has helpful hints for creating scenes and environments out of thin air. All this plus 101 games with simple instructions from easy warm-up games to over-the-top crowd pleasers such as Fairy Tales Bizarre Games On Your Toes and Narrative Games. This is the tenth in the Hunter House SmartFun activity books series and the first one for adults as well as children. The book is a great resource for educators as well as for the professional actor or the layperson working with improv for fun. The book contains lively illustrations and is easy to use. Improv is about creating something out of nothing but a really good improviser can create something great out of nothing. This book shows you how. 101 Improv Games for Children and Adults