3pk #2 Mechanical Pencils with Lead/Eraser Refill Description:

3pk #2 Mechanical With the feel of a pen and the look and performance of a pencil the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil is your clear choice. The comfortable grip and the wider fit and feel of each mechanical pencil causes less stress and strain on your hand so you can write draw or draft longer! The easy-to-use lead advance button is conveniently placed on the side of the pencil barrel to deliver a constant supply of lead for continuous fresh points and uninterrupted performance. The mechanical pencil also features a jumbo twist-up eraser that makes quick work of mistakes keeping your projects neat and tidy. The 0.7 mm number 2 leads are the perfect thickness for clean accurate marking and the standard for school and test taking. The fun colorful pencil barrel designs make these pencils a fun addition to your school supplies and office supplies. 3pk #2 Mechanical Pencils with Lead/Eraser Refill