4 Film Favorties: Raw Feed Horror (DVD) Description:

4 Film Favorties: As a label co-run by THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECTs Daniel Myrick and others Raw Feed was established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Warner Brothers and the direct-to-video outlet for many of Warners low budget horror releases. It places a particularly strong emphasis on unrated titles. This package features four Raw Feed titles. First on the bill is the 2006 REST STOP about a couple terrorized at a roadside rest stop by a power-tool wielding maniac; next up is the 2008 sequel REST STOP: DONT LOOK BACK with the same maniac being stalked (in his Winnebago) by the ghosts of the two victims of the first film. Third on the bill is SUBLIME (2007) from director Tony Krantz about a man who goes in for a routine colonoscopy and falls prey to the tortures of a diabolical nurse. Finally Myrick takes the reins for the 2007 BELIEVERS about two paramedics kidnapped and held at bay by a mysterious cult. 4 Film Favorties: Raw Feed Horror (DVD)