A Crankenstein Valentine – by Samantha Berger Description:

A Crankenstein Valentine The text of this book is simple but effective: Crankenstein who is green and none too pretty but distinctly boy-like never says a proper English word but responds to all cheerful questions with loud monster-speak noises. Berger…has a well-honed sense of comic timing that little kids find hilarious and Crankenstein with its many exclamation marks growls and grumbles should unleash the actor in any adult kind enough to read it aloud. To convey Crankensteins crabby mood Santat uses a lot of sickly brown and green. But just when the reader has had about enough of that putrid palette Crankenstein meets another monster and like two negative numbers they come together to make something positive. As temperaments brighten so too do Santats scenes which are suddenly sunny. For the sake of Crankensteins poor parents lets hope the weather holds! –New York Times Online A Crankenstein Valentine – by Samantha Berger