Advanced Style – by Ari Seth Cohen Description:

Advanced Style – In print and on film Mr. Cohens arrestingly bedizened models embrace fashion with a sense of play. Ruth LaFerla The New York Times For all those who are sick and tired of seeing style and fashion presented solely as a young womans game behold Advanced Style. Los Angeles Times a beautiful catalog of women who arent over the hill but rather ahead of the curve. New York Post Advanced Style likely owes its rapid ascent in part to the dearth of attention paid anyone over 30 in popular culture. How the opportunity was missed is anyones guess: According to 2010 census estimates Americans 65 and older constitute 13 percent of the population. Those 45 and over — still two to three times the age of most female models — constitute more than 39 percent. New York Times The women who I photograph are confident. They know what they like they know what suits their bodies and theyre dressing for themselves. They dont dress based on trends. Ari Seth Cohen New York Times These gorgeous ladies take away the fear of aging and give us all something to look forward to. Huffington Post These women are proof that personal style advances with age StyleList I was best friends with my grandmother growing up and was always inspired by her energy and wisdom. I wanted to show that creativity style and vitality advance with age and hopefully help change peoples ideas about getting older. Ari Seth Cohen StyleCaster As Mentioned In -The Zoe Report Advanced Style – by Ari Seth Cohen