Astroglide Water-Based Gel Personal Lube – 4oz Description:

Astroglide Water-Based Gel Our stay-put super slick gel lube formula glides on like liquid velvet and easily rinses off of skin and sex toys with water. Delight in the pure sexual ecstasy of feeling every single sensation while you’re getting hot and heavy with this lubricating gel that provides more cushion for the pushing and minimizes irritation discomfort and dryness. Just like our original formula ASTROGLIDE Gel works to relieve vaginal dryness and is safe for use with latex condoms. Discover how this lubricating gel relieves sexual discomfort irritation and vaginal dryness. ASTROGLIDE Gel is approved for use with not only latex condoms and sex toys but also for lubrication for solo play. Astroglide Water-Based Gel Personal Lube – 4oz