Best of Pawn Stars: The Greatest Stories Description:

Best of Pawn PAWN STARS: THE GREATEST STORIES EVER SOLD contains the best episodes from the hit HISTORY series according to those who made it. See Chumlee dress up like an elf lasso a mechanical horse and mash grapes with his feet to make wine (not at the same time). Catch Rick in complete hysterics when Corey wears a classic Christmas sweater knit by his grandma. And watch the old man purchase an amazing book from Isaac Newtons library — with Newtons own handwritten notes in the margins! It makes Rick bounce off the walls with excitement and it will thrill you too. In another priceless episode a man unable to sell his Pez dispensers lets everyone know in no uncertain terms that hes totally pezzed off. But you wont be when you discover all the gems in this treasure trove of greatest hits. Best of Pawn Stars: The Greatest Stories