Tucker Carlson: "Every story" about George Floyd and Breonna Taylor has "at its core" been "a lie"
Federal judge delivers a blow to AG Barr in the battle against former FBI deputy director McCabe
Whither the middle class? Biden, Trump have wildly different ideas about what “middle class” means
Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Supreme Court: report
Has the media woken up at last? Finally, alarm bells on Trump go off in top newsrooms
Federal judge rules that Fox News host Tucker Carlson's viewers don't expect him to tell facts
Paris knife attack: Two stabbed near former Charlie Hebdo office
Million people back under lockdown in Spain after government extends restrictions
Breonna’s Law author charged with same level felony as cop who “blindly” fired into Taylor's home
GOP senator openly hopes Supreme Court battle will distract voters from 200,000 COVID-19 deaths
“Insult to every family”: Trump unveils “bogus” health care "plan" that doesn't actually do anything
"I need some help": Graham touts Kavanaugh defense as he pleads for campaign donations on Fox News
Sarah Sanders says Trump won't need a transfer of power: "He's going to win"
Facebook could let Trump prematurely declare victory
Mary Trump sues family for fraud: "Fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life"
Republican senators push back against Netflix over "Game of Thrones" creators' new series
Text messages are the new door-knocking — but voters are paranoid about political outreach via text
Trump’s own FBI director shoots down his bogus conspiracy theories about mass voter fraud
How William Barr could help Trump steal the election — and take the US to "a very dark place"
Google Maps will show data on coronavirus outbreaks in your region
Christmas Island: Family trying to enjoy a spring barbecue surrounded by robber crabs
Coronavirus Spain: Country 'deserves' second full lockdown, scientist says
Netanyahu dumps his dirty laundry on the White House
Police seize 324,000 used condoms being washed and resold in a raid on factory
Sweden's lockdown-free coronavirus response is at risk as officials mull 'chain-breaking' measures
French police launch probe after 'bubbly' British mother-of-two, 52, vanished from her home
New book Lido: A Dip into Outdoor Swimming Pools makes a splash with examples from London to Sydney
“Unthinkable”: Trump’s says "get rid of the ballots," and "there won't be a transfer of power"
WW1 battlefields turned into 'liquid graves' by a one-in-100-year 'climate anomaly'
Protesters gather in Louisville as anger mounts after only one cop is charged Breonna Taylor death
Trump slams Meghan Markle and says he is 'not a fan of hers' and says he wishes Prince Harry 'luck'
Election gift for Florida? Trump poised to approve drug imports from Canada
Election day is nearing, but there’s no end in sight to Trump’s attacks on science
Why Trump is happy that Justice Ginsberg died
Trump says he is "counting on the federal court system" to declare winner on election night
The GOP reshaped America to hold onto power — can the Dems do the same thing to save it?
“Political hit job”: GOP’s Biden report littered with debunked claims and “Russian disinformation”
A COVID vaccine, every year, for the rest of your life? It’s starting to look that way
A breakthrough week on climate: With bold pledges, China and California take the lead
Divisive Supreme Court fight upends must-win Senate race for Democrats in North Carolina
Homeland Security gave $6M in contracts to firm where acting secretary's wife is executive: report
Trump attacks John McCain after former Republican senator’s widow endorses Joe Biden: "Never a fan"
Without Ginsburg, judicial threats to the ACA, reproductive rights heighten
Whistleblower on Jared Kushner’s COVID task force says he was told to "fudge" death data model
Mitt Romney backs vote on Trump's Supreme Court nominee, paving way to fill election year vacancy
CDC scandal gets worse: This is why Trump can't be trusted with a coronavirus vaccine
Fauci staffer revealed to be coronavirus "truther" writing for right-wing website Red State: report
RBG’s death means Obamacare may be doomed — even if Trump doesn’t get another Supreme Court pick
Trump touts herd immunity approach to COVID-19 that experts warn would kill millions of people
New details emerge about Jared Kushner’s refusal to help battle COVID-19

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