Cuomo’s report on new nursing home policy for COVID patients prompts more controversy
Researchers believe coronavirus could infect fetuses
Don’t be fooled by recent rulings: John Roberts is playing the long game
As restaurants reopen, workers step up fight to end tipped minimum wage
Another Spanish tourist region put on alert after wedding guests test positive for coronavirus
WHO experts arrive in China as investigation into the origins of Covid-19 begins 
Russian girl, 8, 'picked up by couple' who raped and killed her
Nigerian Instagrammer Hushpuppi 'kidnapped from Dubai by FBI'
Coronavirus Spain: Balearic Islands suffer first tourist outbreak
Jeffrey Epstein's 'jealous' girlfriend nicknamed 'the inspector'
WHO admits AIRBORNE spread of coronavirus 'cannot be ruled out'
Sheriffs release CCTV footage of Naya Rivera and her son Josey boarding boat
'Unknown pneumonia' said to be deadlier than coronavirus is sweeping across Kazakhstan
Missouri mayor learned that William Barr planned to deploy federal agents to Kansas City on Twitter
"We do have power": "Queens of Resistance" books profile the politicians who inspire us most – women
This "tiny bug slayer" that could fit in your hand is the ancestor of the dinosaurs
Coronavirus Africa: Pandemic at 'full speed', says CDC chief
Costa del Sol tourists without masks to be fined £90
Africa's coronavirus pandemic has hit 'full speed', the continent's CDC chief warns
Satellite images show activity at 'previously undeclared North Korean nuclear facility'
Russian village is evacuated 'due to tests of Putin's new hypersonic missile'
Coronavirus: Sweden's death rate falling faster than the UK's
Ibiza and Majorca tourists without masks to be fined £90
French, Spanish, Italians and Germans want UK visitors to stay away
Naya Rivera missing and presumed dead as son, 4, found in boat
Sweden's coronavirus death rate is now falling faster than the UK's
Monopoly mayhem: corporations win, workers lose
Owner of French theme park where a woman died is charged with involuntary homicide
British tourists on Ibiza or Majorca will have to wear masks from Saturday or face a £90 fine
Naya Rivera is missing and presumed dead after her four-year-old son was found alone in a boat
Wife of French bus driver left brain dead after gang beat him up says 'I will avenge my husband'
Mike Pence cites "nutrition" as reason to reopen schools amid coronavirus outbreak
Berkeley McDonald's workers say lack of safety equipment spurred coronavirus outbreak
Secretary of State Pompeo hints that US may go after TikTok, directly threatening freedom of speech
Palantir, data-mining company that helped ICE track down and deport immigrants, is going public
56 Florida hospitals hit 100% ICU capacity as DeSantis defends refusal to release coronavirus data
Kanye West swirls conspiracies about coronavirus vaccine: “They want to put chips inside of us"
Girl, 4, survives shattered skull from bottle thrown at 23rd floor
Julián Castro on the pandemic, the election and our "manifestly unqualified" president
Rampaging animals terrorise villagers in Indonesia
“Don’t let us down": Trump family members encouraged supporters to vote by mail in recent robocalls
Jewish extermination camp survivors' items that helped restore dignity after Second World War
Woman dies after 11 years of agony from Russian nightclub fire
Cheetahs' faces are covered in gore after feasting on a kill
How bad could a second term really be? Think Donald Trump 2: Police-state boogaloo
Silicon Valley boss from UK hurls racist abuse at Asian family
Silicon Valley CEO from UK hurls racist abuse at Asian family
Kim Jong Un flanked by flunkeys on 26th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's death
Rep. Ilhan Omar schools Donald Trump Jr.: "Maybe someone can offer you free English classes"
Three Kushner family companies scored millions in coronavirus bailout funds

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