An ex-Goldman trader whose firm helps investors navigate market chaos just passed $1 billion in assets after converting her hedge fund into an ETF
COO and cofounder of Southeast Asia's most valuable startup, Grab, shares how the company grew from a ride-hailing service to a 'super app'
Vuulr founder and CEO says direct-to-streaming movie releases could become standard practice and help to combat piracy
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How the world of work could change, according to Akamai's vice president of network technology
Here's how a British startup helped the UK's largest retailers and luxury brands improve their sales during the pandemic
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Elon Musk said a college degree isn't required for a job at Tesla - and Apple, Google, and Netflix don't require employees to have 4-year degrees either
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I'm a financial coach and there are 5 steps I recommend to clients when they overspend
53 Transformers say the pandemic has changed company missions in survey
Survey of Transformers reveals that business leaders are prioritizing AI investment
Survey of 53 business leaders shows that cybersecurity and data loss are major concerns as the pandemic continues to drive digital trends
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4 ways I've used this challenging year to strengthen my resilience, in work and in life
How CEO Tony Fernandes and AirAsia are looking to redefine the role of an airline in a post-COVID world
Singlife celebrates becoming the largest insurer in Singapore after $2.3B merger
Quantexa CEO warns businesses must be 'extra vigilant' as COVID-19 continues to change the face of financial crime
Beware dating, wellness, and shopping apps: Here's how to protect your data according to a top exec at privacy app Jumbo
CEO of data analytics firm Quantexa shares how digital resilience and data-driven decision-making will determine which businesses thrive in a post-Covid world
Our cities are turning inside out - micro-mobility is the key to connect us all
4 things I've done this year to take control of my money and get on the path to building wealth
L'Oréal is banking on influencers and try-on technology to cash in on online sales - and it's made up for half its pandemic losses
Citi exec: Supporting education will fuel future transformers
How Salesforce COO and star exec Bret Taylor has steered the cloud giant through a tumultuous year to help companies adapt to an 'all-digital, work-anywhere economy'
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Experts say COVID-19 has spurred supply chains to focus on short-run manufacturing, but the industry needs more regulation to protect intellectual property rights
How the pandemic helped drive a surge in ESG demand
Deloitte: More flexible client partnerships and faster adoption of digital tools will define the next generation of business process outsourcing companies
Solar energy firm Sunseap leads Singapore closer to its 2040 clean energy goal with a focus on photovoltaic farms, data centers, and creative solutions to geographic challenges
Pope Francis joins with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to form a new council focused on creating a more equitable economy
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2020 was terrible for the ad industry, with nearly 50,000 agency jobs lost - here are 4 bright spots in an otherwise catastrophic year
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Netflix's Reed Hastings, Instagram's Kevin Systrom, and others join billionaire investor Ray Dalio for massive charity giveaway
Billionaire investor Bill Ackman says the US should give every American cash at birth so they can retire a millionaire
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Major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and CVS turned record profits but didn't pay employees much extra for working during the pandemic, a new report finds
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CEO of Yandex Self Driving Group predicts that autonomous vehicles will roam freely around major cities within five years
Celonis chief product officer predicts automation and the cloud are two key trends that are likely to dominate the agenda for 2021

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