Charlie Rich – Behind Closed Doors (Bonus Description:

Charlie Rich – Disc 1 1. Behind Closed Doors(2:56) 2. If You Wouldnt Be My Lady(2:53) 3. You Never Really Wanted Me(2:27) 4. A Sunday Kind of Woman(3:90) 5. Peace on You(3:59) 6. The Most Beautiful Girl(2:43) 7. I Take It on Home(2:52) 8. til I Cant Take It Anymore(2:30) 9. We Love Each Other(3:80) 10. Im Not Going Hungry(2:12) 11. Nothing in the World (To Do with Me)(2:41) 12. Mama Take Me Home(2:57) 13. Ruby Youre Warm(3:40) 14. Papa Was a Good Man(2:30) 15. Ive Got Mine(2:51) Charlie Rich – Behind Closed Doors (Bonus