Childrens Diphenhydramine HCI Allergy Relief Liquid – Description:

Childrens Diphenhydramine HCI Allergy symptoms like runny nose and itchy eyes can make even the happiest most easygoing kid miserable. Help beat your childs allergy symptoms with ease when you keep up and up™ Childrens Diphenhydramine HCl Allergy Relief Liquid on hand. This cherry-flavored liquid allergy relief is an alcohol-free formula with an appealing cherry taste that makes it easier for kids to take and it provides relief from annoying allergy symptoms like runny nose sneezing itchy throat or nose and itchy watery eyes. Suitable for kids ages six to 11 this eight-fluid-ounce bottle is big enough to provide relief through many days of seasonal allergy symptoms. 100percent Satisfaction Guaranteed. Childrens Diphenhydramine HCI Allergy Relief Liquid –