Coronavirus live news: Trump says Covid-19 will 'go away' because of 'herd mentality'

2 weeks ago

‘It would go away without the vaccine,’ Trump says on ABC town hall. Half of world’s schoolchildren unable to attend classrooms; Virus death toll linked to Maine wedding grows to 7; Follow the latest updates

World still at the beginning of the pandemic, WHO expert warns Sweden records its fewest daily cases since March Covid cases near 30m; China expects vaccine in November World map: which countries have the most cases and deaths? See all our coronavirus coverage

3.30am BST

Asked by a first-time voter “If you believe it’s the president’s responsibility to protect America, why would you downplay a pandemic that is known to disproportionately harm low-income families and minority communities?”

“Well, I didn’t downplay it, I ‘up-played’ it in terms of action,” he responded, and again cited his bans on travel from Europe and China. At the time of the bans, public health experts said that once a disease has begun circulating within a community, banning outsiders is mostly futile.

Q: Why did you downplay coronavirus?TRUMP: I didn't downplay it. I up-played itQ: Did you not admit to it yourself?TRUMP: With China, I put a ban on

3.24am BST

In the town hall, Trump also criticised Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for not implementing a national mask mandate.

“He didn’t do it. He never did it,” he said. He added that “a lot of people did not want to wear masks.”

"They said at the Democrat Convention they're gonna do a national [mask] mandate. They never did it." -- someone might want to inform Trump who the president isHe then tries to both-sides mask wearing, saying "a lot of people think that masks are not good."

Trump is criticizing Biden, who isn't president, for not finding a way to implement a national mask mandate, on ABC Town Hall.

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