Covid Australia live update: Victoria records eight deaths and 42 new coronavirus cases, with 10 in NSW – latest news

2 weeks ago

South Australia opens up to ACT and Brett Sutton gives evidence at Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry. Follow all today’s developments

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4.48am BST

That’s most of what Andrew Liveris had to say.

Check back in – Murph will have a story on that talk soon.

4.33am BST

Q: Just on that new form of leader, is Joe Biden that new form of political leader that will persuade voters to vote for him on November 3?

Andrew Liveris:

I sometimes joked about being here. I got to make sure I get re-entry to the US so I don’t particularly want to inflame anyone with personal commentary. I know Joe very well. As vice-president under Obama I worked very closely with him. You know, he represents the Democrat party, right. So it isn’t an issue with Joe, it’s an issue with his party and I do think what’s happened – back to the question that was just asked, what’s happened is there’s no centre in American politics any more. Bill Clinton probably was the last true centrist politician.

So the Democrats have gone more left and the Republicans clearly went right and almost went off a cliff with the Tea Party.

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