Creepy Monsters Sleepy Monsters – by Jane Description:

Creepy Monsters Sleepy More cute than creepy this lullaby follows two monsters from classroom to bedtime routine. The narration benefits enormously from witty illustrations by Murphy which abound in slithery sinister asides. –New York Times This brief lullaby-story provides just-right toddler-sized chills… Silly going-to-sleep sounds such as Growl / Gurgle / Burp gently bring this soon-to-be popular book to an end. Theres plenty in this scary-sweet book to please children all year round. –Kirkus Reviews The monsters look like they walked off a Maurice Sendak casting call with their big wobbly bodies and almost random sprinklings of horns tentacles and eyeballs. Yolen winds down her lullaby with night noises (Burp / Grrrr / Snarl / Snarf) that peter away as the two monstrous siblings finally conk out. Bedtime fare you can count on. –Booklist The book is filled with enough slap-dash action humor and gentle disobedience to keep readers eager for more readings–and probably not all that eager for sleep. –Publishers Weekly Though Halloween tales and lots of candy may keep kids far from their beds sleep must come eventually. There is no better way to wind down trick-or-treaters than with Creepy Monsters Sleepy Monsters by childrens book legend Jane Yolen… Its the perfect end to a spooky October day. –BookPage The biggest treats here are the details buried in Kelly Murphys playful paintings of the monsters more gentle domesticated cousins of Maurice Sendaks classic wild things. Vocabulary words to read aloud include growl burp grrrr and that all time parental favorite: Zzzzz. –USA Today Noteworthy for its wonderful art with cute horned and multi-eyed monsters playing like normal little kids stalling at bedtime and falling asleep after claiming Im not sleepy. A perfect bedtime read with only a few words per page and monstrously clever illustrations. –Houston Chronicle Creepy Monsters Sleepy Monsters – by Jane