Dream Golf – by Stephen Goodwin (Hardcover) Description:

Dream Golf – This is the story of a man with a dream–as well as the vision and passion to make it come true. The dream was to build a great American links course one that would contain all the excitement of the famous golfing destinations in Scotland and Ireland storied places like St. Andrews and Ballybunion. The man was Mike Keiser an entrepreneur and amateur golf enthusiast founder of the successful company Recycled Paper Greetings and Dream Golf is the story of how with the help of some of the most colorful–and occasionally controversial–men in golf he transformed a remote area on Oregons Pacific coast into not one but three of the most stunning challenging and highly ranked courses in the world. It began modestly when Mike Keiser decided to build a nine-hole dunes course and golf club on the shore of Lake Michigan near his home in Chicago. The experience prompted him to look further with the goal of realizing a dream that he had harbored for some time: to bring to American golfers the same kind of experience he had enjoyed while playing some of the legendary courses of the British Isles links courses that had evolved naturally to fit the rugged heaving coastal terrain. These ancient courses were the antithesis of most modern American courses where the features were shaped by bulldozers and all too often look sleek manicured and artificial. No Bandon Dunes would be a pure golf experience pitting the golfer against the elements allowing the land to dictate the course banning the use of carts making the golfer feel at one with both nature and the game. To achieve that goal would take a great amount of planning and hard work the struggle of man againstnature in shaping the land into three courses that would be the Bandon Dunes complex. Conventional wisdom said it was impossible. And even if he built it would anyone come to this remote Oregon outpost? Dream Golf is the first complete account of how drive and determination coupled with the best minds in the game created a utopian golf experience in a place of breathtaking natural beauty. It is the gripping and compelling account of how one man followed his dream to its greatest conclusion. Dream Golf – by Stephen Goodwin (Hardcover)