Ernest Hemingway on Writing – by Larry Description:

Ernest Hemingway on An assemblage of reflections on the nature of writing and the writer from one the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. Throughout Hemingways career as a writer he maintained that it was bad luck to talk about writing–that it takes off whatever butterflies have on their wings and the arrangement of hawks feathers if you show it or talk about it. Despite this belief by the end of his life he had done just what he intended not to do. In his novels and stories in letters to editors friends fellow artists and critics in interviews and in commissioned articles on the subject Hemingway wrote often about writing. And he wrote as well and as incisively about the subject as any writer who ever lived… This book contains Hemingways reflections on the nature of the writer and on elements of the writers life including specific and helpful advice to writers on the craft of writing work habits and discipline. The Hemingway personality comes through in general wisdom wit humor and insight and in his insistence on the integrity of the writer and of the profession itself. –From the Preface by Larry W. Phillips Ernest Hemingway on Writing – by Larry