Febreze Car Odor-Eliminating Car Freshener Vent Clip Description:

Febreze Car Odor-Eliminating Smelly passengers and fast food bags… you can take them out of your car but their odors still chase you around town. Kick em to the curb with Febreze CAR Vent Clips and eliminate odors trapped in your car minivan or ice cream truck. These tiny car vent air fresheners have incredible odor blockers and odor eliminators that remove all those stinks and smells built up from your longest commute-iest days. Simply push the vent clip firmly until you hear it click to activate fragrance then clip onto your car vent and drive stink-free for a whole 30 days. With hints of pear and lily the sweet just-washed scent of Linen and Sky will have you floating on a scent-tastic cloud. So freshen up your ride and breathe happy no matter where the road takes you. Want the rest of your life as odor-free as your car? Take the fresh vibes home with Febreze Air Effects Air Fresheners. Size: 0.06 fl oz/2pk. Febreze Car Odor-Eliminating Car Freshener Vent Clip