Feet First – by Laura Norman (Paperback) Description:

Feet First – In Feet First Americas foremost reflexology spokesperson on radio and TV — and in publications from The New York Times to Cosmopolitan — explains how to relieve physical problems — from headaches and insomnia to high blood pressure and weight loss — with this easily accessible and popular holistic technique. Showing how everyone can use reflexology to reduce stress revitalize energy strengthen the immune system stimulate creativity and enhance relationships Norman also includes: * descriptions of the reflex points the six basic techniques and easy-to-learn specialized and master routines. * 32 foot-relaxation techniques most of them unique to Normans program * specific chapters and techniques for stress sports injuries addiction problems the terminally ill women and couples * visualizations affirmations and childrens games to use with the routines * a chart of ailments and reflexology aids for them Feet First is the only reflexology guide designed for everyday situations and people — from office workers on a lunch break to families caring for an aged relative. This special kind of touch therapy strengthens the bonds between those who use it together Feet First – by Laura Norman (Paperback)