Fetch – by Jorey Hurley (Hardcover) Description:

Fetch – by A day at the seaside is a joyous adventure for the Labrador retriever protagonist of this restricted-vocabulary picture book. Each spread has a verb describing the poochs action as she chases after her beloved red ball; fetch when its tossed search when shes hunting for the ball bobbing on the waves splash when she paddles out toward it etc. As the dog pursues the prize she engages with local wildlife passing a moment with some seagulls and sporting with some dolphins until finally she brings the ball back to her beloved little girl for an inevitable eager again? While theres plenty of readaloud hay to be made of this (a guess the word challenge would elicit some energetic participation) its beginning readers who will really appreciate the easy gamesmanship of figuring out the single word per spread and the genuine story behind the spare text. Digital art has the smooth solidity of cut-paper collage shapes especially in the sandy figure of the dog whose poses are well-observed authentic canine moves…the surprise discovery of various marine animals will provide audi- ences/readers with added diversion. This is rife with language arts potential and itll make a lively next step after Sullivans one-word wonder Ball (BCCB 5/13). DS–Bulletin Shelf Awareness Fetch – by Jorey Hurley (Hardcover)