First Year Letters – (Jitters) by Julie Description:

First Year Letters In this sequel to FIRST DAY JITTERS Sarah Jane Hartwell receives letters from her students the principal and even the janitor in this epistolary tale about all that can happen over the course of one school year. As every first-year teacher knows a classroom full of second graders can be alarmingly unpredictable. The letters the children write to Mrs. Hartwell are sympathetic (I figured you might be a little scared just like me); informative (…most kids dont eat cauliflower); encouraging (Yesterday was THE BEST!); and apologetic (Im sorry about throwing up all over your shoes). Even a local firefighter writes to Sarah Jane. Fun funny and heart-warming Dannebergs newest installment in the Mrs. Hartwell Classroom series is sure to delight both teachers and children as they follow Mrs. Hartwell and her class through the year. Classes will be inspired to write letters to their own teachers about their favorite or wildest days of the year. First Year Letters – (Jitters) by Julie