Frindle – by Andrew Clements (Hardcover) Description:

Frindle – by Nicholas Allen has plenty of ideas. Who can forget the time he turned his third-grade classroom into a tropical island or the times he fooled his teacher by chirping like a blackbird? But now Nicks in fifth grade and it looks like his days as a troublemaker are over. Everyone knows that Mrs. Granger the language arts teacher has X-ray vision and nobody gets away with anything in her classroom. To make matters worse shes also a fanatic about the dictionary which is hopelessly boring to Nick. But when Nick learns an interesting tidbit about words and where they come from it inspires his greatest plan yet: to invent a new word. From now on a pen is no longer a pen — its a frindle. It doesnt take long for frindle to take root and soon the excitement spreads well beyond his school and town. His parents and Mrs. Granger would like Nick to put an end to all this nonsense. But frindle doesnt belong to Nick anymore. All he can do now is sit back and watch what happens. This quirky imaginative tale about creative thought and the power of words will have readers inventing their own words. Brian Selznicks black-and-white illustrations enhance the humor in this unforgettable story. Frindle – by Andrew Clements (Hardcover)