Hamster and Cheese – (Guinea Pig Pet Description:

Hamster and Cheese There is skullduggery afoot at Mr. Venezis Pets and Stuff: Someone keeps stealing his sandwich which he puts outside the koala cage every day. No he doesnt sell koalas; theyre really hamsters but Mr. Venezi is both shortsighted and incompetent (though very kind). The only cage thats correctly labeled is the one holding the guinea pig–but someone has stolen the G so little Hamisher the koala er hamster has decided that guinea pig Sasspants must be a P.I. and therefore can crack the case. Venables series opener just gets loonier. The irascible Sasspants would rather be reading but seeing that Hamisher wont leave her alone she swings into action. The actual mystery plays second fiddle to the over-the-top characterizations and snappy dialogue: The goldfish are thoroughly brainless Gerry the corn snake is inscrutable the chinchillas are prima donnas (one of them has a pet white mouse). Yues graphic panels colored by Hi-Fi Design make the most of the comic potential and extend it with plenty of visual slapstick. Middle graders will close this and ask right away for Detective Pantss next caper. –Kirkus Reviews — Journal Hamster and Cheese – (Guinea Pig Pet