Healing with Whole Foods – 3rd Edition Description:

Healing with Whole Used as a reference by students of acupuncture this is a hefty truly comprehensive guide to the theory and healing power of Chinese medicine. Its also a primer on nutrition–including facts about green foods such as spirulina and blue-green algae and the regeneration diets used by cancer patients and arthritics–along with an inspiring cookbook with more than 300 mostly vegetarian nutrient-packed recipes. The information on Chinese medicine is useful for helping to diagnose health imbalances especially nascent illnesses. Its smartly paired with the whole-foods program because the Chinese have attributed various health-balancing properties to foods so you can tailor your diet to help alleviate symptoms of illness. For example Chinese medicine dictates that someone with low energy and a pale complexion (a yin deficiency) would benefit from avoiding bitter foods and increasing sweet foods such as soy black sesame seeds parsnips rice and oats. (Note that the Chinese definition of sweet foods is much different from the American one!) Pitchford says in his dedication that he hopes the reader finds healing awareness and peace from following his program. The diet is certainly acetic by American standards (no alcohol caffeine white flour fried foods or sugar and a minimum of eggs and dairy) but the reasons he gives for avoiding these negative energy foods are compelling. From the adrenal damage imparted by coffee to immune dysfunction brought on by excess refined sugar Pitchford spurs you to rethink every dietary choice and its ultimate influence on your health. Without being alarmist he adds dietary tips for protecting yourself against the dangers of modern life including neutralizing damage from water fluoridation (thyroid and immune-system problems may result; fluoride is a carcinogen). Theres further reading on food combining female health heart disease pregnancy fasting and weight loss. Overall this is a wonderful book for anyone whos serious about strengthening his or her body from the inside out. Healing with Whole Foods – 3rd Edition