Horse Crazy! – by Jessie Haas (Paperback) Description:

Horse Crazy! – Are You Crazy Enough About Horses to… Stencil a horse border around your bedroom? (page 66) Bring a horse to school? (page 72) Prepare a pony picnic? (page 91) Recognize the difference between a running braid and a diamond braid? (page 155) Create your own gymkhana? (page 170) Know all the rules of trail riding? (page 217) Spend your weekend camping with horses? (page 228) Open up a beauty shop for horses? (page 245) Crochet a saddle pad? (page 323) Keep a Life List of horse breeds? (page 350) If you are then Horse Crazy! is the book for you! Horse Crazy! – by Jessie Haas (Paperback)