Invasion of the Overworld (Paperback) by Mark Description:

Invasion of the The world of Minecraft comes to life in this thrilling electronic adventure already a bestseller! Gameknight999 loved Minecraft. He reveled in building structures playing on servers creating custom maps and more. But above all else he loved to grief?to intentionally ruin the gaming experience for other users. As the self-proclaimed?King of the Griefers? Gameknight played the game for himself at the expense of everyone else keeping the list of his friends in the game short. But when one of his father?s inventions teleports him into the game Gameknight is forced to live out a real-life adventure inside the digital world of Minecraft. What will happen if he?s killed in the game? Will he respawn? Disconnect? Die in real life? Unsure Gameknight must play the game with all of his skill and knowledge. He has to stay one step ahead of the sharp claws of zombies and pointed fangs of spiders. Eventually he discovers the best-kept secret about Minecraft something not even the game?s programmers realize: the creatures within the game are alive! His emergence into the game triggers a war that threatens to consume all of Minecraft and possibly the physical world as well. With his new NPC friend Crafter and his only user friend Shawny Gameknight will need to fight epic battles against the mobs on the server who want to destroy everything. One thing is for certain: Gameknight is either the key to salvation for all the electronic lives in Minecraft and possibly in the physical world as well or he?s the fuse to destruction. This action-packed homage to the worldwide computer game phenomenon is a runaway publishing smash and the perfect companion for Minecraft fans of all ages. Invasion of the Overworld (Paperback) by Mark