Letters to a Young Brother – by Description:

Letters to a In a direct and often colloquial tone . . . the letters stress the importance of having options and working smart not just hard. (THE NEW YORK TIMES) Harpers message is a solo soaring above the choir. (LOS ANGELES TIMES) Hill writes in a down-to-earth style. . . . A priceless no-nonsense step-by-step guide. (The Dayton Defender) Filled with heartfelt wisdom and solid step-by-step strategies for cultivating self-respect Letters to a Young Brother is an inspirational guidebook to a better life and a book that will change lives. (Black College Today) [This] book can serve as a strong and silent mentor. (The Philadelphia Inquirer) In clear accessible language Harper encourages his youthful readers to maintain productive values and never give up hope. . . . With frank loving advice about relationships careers sex education spirituality and money Harper helps young readers take that first step toward fruitful change. (Jabari Asim The Washington Post) Letters to a Young Brother – by