Mariah Carey – Music Box (CD) Description:

Mariah Carey – Rolling Stone (10/28/93 p.76) – 3 Stars – Good – …Every song on MUSIC BOX an album dominated by huge soaring ballads has been written and arranged as a potential home run…a sustained passion enhances the records wedding-album feel…. Q (2/02 p.120) – 3 stars out of 5 – …Loaded with big sentiments and notes that only dogs can fully appreciate this 1993 celebration of the all-conquering power of love was her defining moment… Musician (11/93 p.88) – …This isnt the flashiest singing shes done but its better for its restraint… Disc 1 1. Dreamlover 2. Hero 3. Anytime You Need a Friend 4. Music Box 5. Now That I Know 6. Never Forget You 7. Without You 8. Just To Hold You Once Again 9. Ive Been Thinking About You 10. All Ive Ever Wanted Mariah Carey – Music Box (CD)