Midwestern Birds – (Bird Watchers Digest Backyard Description:

Midwestern Birds – From the editor of the nations premier birding magazine this convenient guidebook features 55 of the most common birds that you are likely to see in backyards anywhere in the Midwest. Of all the classic American pastimes perhaps none is as widely accessible as watching birds. Our unusually vast diverse environmental landscape supports fascinating species and variations exclusive to each region of the country. While birders often spend their efforts in search of the rarest creatures some of the most beautiful and intriguing birds are the ones that frequent our backyards (or nearby) daily. For that reason where other larger volumes focus on bird types that the casual observer is never likely to encounter Midwestern Birdsconcisely celebrates those species living under our very noses. Written by Bill Thompson III the editor and co-publisher of Bird Watchers Digest this portable 5 × 8 book contains the same variety of entertaining and informative entries that make Bird Watchers Digest the most popular birding magazine in the US. Inside youll find profiles of the 55 most common birds in the Midwest complete with: Large color photos Gender-specific physical descriptions Nesting and feeding information Bird call particulars Interesting stories about each species Thompson also introduces you to the basics of bird watching: essential gear bird-friendly food and plantings housing tips and observational techniques. This guide covers Indiana Ohio Iowa Illinois Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Kentucky Missouri Arkansas Kansas Oklahoma Nebraska North Dakota and South Dakota. Look for our other backyard bird guides covering the Mid-Atlantic South Northeast and West regions of the United States. Midwestern Birds – (Bird Watchers Digest Backyard