Nirvana (US) – In Utero (20th Anniversary Description:

Nirvana (US) – Rolling Stone (5/13/99 p.53) – Included in Rolling Stones Essential Recordings of the 90s. Rolling Stone (9/16/93 p.63) – 4 1/2 Stars – Outstanding – …Cobain essentially works according to one playbook but its a winner no matter how he runs it….IN UTERO is a lot of things–brilliant corrosive enraged and thoughtful most of them all at once… Spin (5/01 p.109) – Ranked #13 in Spins 50 Most Essential Punk Records. Spin (9/99 p.126) – Ranked #18 in Spin Magazines 90 Greatest Albums of the 90s. Spin (10/93 p.99) – …IN UTERO is as reckless as anything since Rocket From the Tombs went down in flames….its not liberation but its absence that gets illuminated in Nirvanas songs….setting out to make the last punk album [IN UTERO] sounds like the first one instead… Entertainment Weekly (12/31/93 p.115) – Ranked #5 in Entertainment Weeklys list of The Best and Worst Records Of 1993 – …In unleashed wails that truly sound like someone giving birth Cobain does more than wrestle his demons in public–he strangles them…. Entertainment Weekly (9/24/93 p.90) – …IN UTERO makes it clear that the trio now has a signature sound ready for the patent office….Cobain writes terrifically punchy songs and [the band] ravages them into beautiful brutalizing clatter… – Rating: B+ Q (7/01 p.90) – Included in Qs 50 Heaviest Albums of All Time. Q (10/01 p.73) – Ranked #20 in Qs Best 50 Albums of Qs Lifetime Q (12/99 p.76) – Included in Q Magazines 90 Best Albums Of The 1990s. Q (1/94 p.82) – Included in Qs list of The 50 Best Albums Of 1993 – …a mature progressive marvelous new record… Q (10/93 p.114) – 4 Stars – Excellent – …[IN UTEROs] songs confirm Cobains genius with a tune….If this is how Cobain is going to develop the future is lighthouse-bright… Melody Maker (1/1/94 p.77) – Ranked #26 in Melody Makers list of the Albums Of The Year for 1993. Melody Maker (9/4/93 p.31) – …the history of the last two fraught years weighs mighty heavily upon IN UTERO….it occupies a middle ground between the metal-edged scum-punk spite of BLEACH and the 10-million selling grunge-with-gloss killer that was NEVERMIND… Musician (10/93 p.88) – …IN UTERO is a living breathing crapping beast of a record that eats expectations for breakfast… Village Voice (3/94 p.5) – Ranked #2 in the Village Voices 1993 Pazz and Jop Critics Poll. Mojo (Publisher) (p.66) – Ranked #13 in Mojos 100 Modern Classics — [U]ncompromising uncomfortable exhilarating art. Mojo (Publisher) (3/03 p.76) – Ranked #40 in Mojos Top 50 Punk Albums – …Cobains voice is frightening like Rotten 17 years on… New York Times (Publisher) (9/19/93) – …IN UTERO nearly topples under the weight of contempt and vitriol….there is a clear authorial voice on [the album] detailing a life in transition….Mr. Cobain [has been] turned nearly nihilistic by go Nirvana (US) – In Utero (20th Anniversary