Peets Colombia Single Origin Dark Roast Ground Description:

Peets Colombia Single With a preference for the high southern region of San Agustìn Huila we select only exceptional beans to produce the most flavorful Colombian cup. Flavor notes: Bright and sweet with notes of stone fruit The Peets Promise: We believe theres only one way to roast coffee: with the precision of a craftsman who relies on his five senses – not a computer – to arrive at perfection. We believe coffee beans are at their peak the second they emerge from the roaster so we quickly seal in the freshness to deliver you full flavor. We believe when weve done our job you will experience something youve never tasted before – something uniquely rich and deep. The truth is we dont believe in taking shortcuts. Thats why Peets can promise something you just cant get anywhere else: the uncompromised cup Peets Colombia Single Origin Dark Roast Ground