Puff the Magic Dragon (Mixed media product) Description:

Puff the Magic Puff the Magic Dragon is simply one of the most beloved songs of all time-a classic thats be as much a part of the childhood experience as Mother Goose and fairy tales. Yet singer/songwriter Peter Yarrow and co-composer Lenny Lipton have never allowed a picture book adaptation of this magical tale…until now. With Yarrows and Liptons blessing Puff Jackie Paper and the land of Honalee finally live on the page. The exquisite package includes a cloth case with a tipped-in illustration and an embossed jacket with foil touches as well as an exclusive CD featuring not only Puff but several other songs performed by Yarrow his daughter Bethany and cellist Rufus Cappadocia. This is a publishing event sure to attract broad attention and please Puffs many fans. In richly-hued paintings of the deepest sea blues and greens Puff and his friend Jackie Paper frolic in the land of Honalee-traveling in a fantastic boat with billowed sails climbing red castle stairs onto a balcony to meet with noble kings and princes and watching pirate ships lower their flags for the roaring dragon. Artist Eric Puybaret has brought an entire magical world into being with enthralling landscapes color and characters. And everyone will love the way the art cleverly turns the songs end which at first seemed so sad into a surprising and joyful moment. Best of all-this is only the first of many more collaborations with Peter Yarrow to come! Puff the Magic Dragon (Mixed media product)