Queen – Queen II (CD) music Description:

Queen – Queen Q (Magazine) (p.119) – [W]ith operatic vocals and multitracked guitars crashing about the place and a handful of soaring songs popping up among them — not least Seven Seas Of Rhye their first real hit. Q (Magazine) (p.118) – 4 stars out of 5 — Brian May brings a scientific precision to his guitar playing on 1974s wonderfully over-the-top Queen II… Record Collector (magazine) (p.99) – 4 stars out of 5 — Ogre Battle crunches the speakers like full-on Zeppelin… Disc 1 1. Procession 2. Father to Son 3. White Queen (As It Began) 4. Some Day One Day 5. Loser in the End The 6. Ogre Battle 7. Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke The 8. Nevermore 9. March of the Black Queen The 10. Funny How Love Is 11. Seven Seas of Rhye Queen – Queen II (CD) music