Roots of Empathy – by Mary Gordon Description:

Roots of Empathy Mary Gordon has created a brilliant strategy for teaching young children the essential skills to see the mind within each person… Empathy in all its forms is encouraged and cultivated in this science-based emotion-inspiring life-changing immersion in the inner world of human development. –from the foreword by Daniel J. Siegel MD author of The Developing Mind and Parenting from the Inside Out Empathy an innate human quality that arises in a child from nurturing attachment relationships is increasingly rare in our stressed alienated and disconnected culture. Mary Gordons Roots of Empathy program outlined in this indispensable book provides young students with an environment in which they can interact with someone even more vulnerable than they under the care and attention of loving adults. Empathy grows naturally. –Gabor Maté MD author of Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers [An] impressive book… Its a bold and wonderful idea part of a movement to put empathetic understanding of other people alongside the academic concerns of education and close to the center of our society. –The Globe and Mail This brilliant program belongs in every classroom in every school in every country of the world forever. Theres no better way to teach empathy–the essential human trait. –Raffi Cavoukian singer author and founder of Child Honoring Mary Gordon has opened the door to finally treating the whole child in a practical no-nonsense yet sensitive and compassionate way. –Michael Fullan Professor Emeritus Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto In this engaging book Gordon describes how her program has helped reduce incidences of aggression and bullying… This emotional literacy allows Roots of Empathy to educate as Gordon puts it both the mind and the heart. –Ode Ive long rmended the Roots of Empathy program in my own work with parents children and educators which like Mary Gordons program is focused on teaching children how to do the right thing. Roots of Empathy is an essential book for every one of us invested in cultivating greater empathy in children–whether at home or in the classroom. –Michele Borba EdD author of Building Moral Intelligence and Parents Do Make a Difference Emboldened by what infants and young children have taught us about how early in life the seeds of compassion are planted and what it takes to grow the roots of empathy deeply Mary Gordon strives to bring about no less than world peace and protection for our planets future starting with schools and classrooms everywhere one child one parent one teacher at a time. –T. Berry Brazelton MD Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus Harvard Medical School and Founder Brazelton Touchpoints Center and Joshua Sparrow MD Director of Special Initiatives Brazelton Touchpoints Center Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School authors of the Touchpoints books Roots of Empathy – by Mary Gordon