Saturn 3 (Blu-ray)(2013) movies Description:

Saturn 3 (Blu-ray)(2013) Two alternative food researchers (Farrah Fawcett and Kirk Douglas) stationed in the rings off Saturn work in romantic and professional bliss until their perfect lives are disrupted by the intrusion of Benson (Harvey Keitel) sent to speed up the scientists work. But Fawcetts looks and charm ensnare the captain creating a tense threesome. Or is it foursome? Keitels homicidal and lusty robot Hector also falls for Fawcett and when Fawcett spurns both Keitel and his robot the two scientists find themselves running for their lives. Filmed in the years after George Lucass STAR WARS captured audiences imaginations with its gutsy adventure SATURN 3 doesnt have the subtlety or nerve-ripping horror of Ridley Scotts ALIEN but does use devices from ALIEN and other noteworthy films to create an outer-space thriller for sci-fi fans. Readers of Martin Amis will be interested to see the novelists skills displayed in his first screenplay. Saturn 3 (Blu-ray)(2013) movies