Saying Goodbye to Lulu – by Corinne Description:

Saying Goodbye to A young girl and her lovable dog Lulu are the best of friends. They play games together explore their neighborhood and even cuddle up to read bedtime stories each night. Lulu is the best dog a girl could ever hope for but when she grows older and gradually bes weak the little girl must face the sad possibility of losing her dear friend and inevitably cope with the death of her canine companion. Though she is deeply saddened by Lulus passing and misses her very much over time the little girl discovers that the sweet memory of her beloved Lulu will live on forever… in her heart. With realistic hopeful illustrations by Ard Hoyt this tender tale offers an accessible lens to young children learning to understand and cope with the mixed emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. Saying Goodbye to Lulu – by Corinne