Scroll Grande Utensil Holder – Black Description:

Scroll Grande Utensil Organize your kitchen utensils in an instant with the Scroll Grande Utensil Holder. Contain your spatulas turners wooden spoons whisks serving spoons ladles and more in this crock. Whether you need to flip a pancake or serve cookies this utensil holder will ensure the kitchen tool you need is within easy reach. The extra space allows you to store even more of your spoons whisks spatulas and other kitchen utensils. The sturdy steel base sits evenly on countertops dining room tables and bars. The sturdy steel supports the weight of utensils flatware and cutlery. The base ensures weight is distributed evenly to eliminate tipping. Keep all your favorite cooking tools near at hand while cooking. The wide mouth makes it easy to insert and retrieve utensils so you can grab your favorite wooden spoon tongs pancake turner or spatula when you need it. The classic scroll design swirls with an enduring timeless style. The elegant scrolls cast a sense of luxurious charm and grace that characterizes classic taste. Refined grand and sophisticated this organizer will exude style in your kitchen. The beautiful scroll design will add a traditional touch to your home. Made of sturdy steel. Scroll Grande Utensil Holder – Black