Shark Girl – by Kelly Bingham (Paperback) Description:

Shark Girl – A teenager struggles through physical loss to the start of acceptance in an absorbing artful novel at once honest and insightful wrenching and redemptive. On a sunny day in June at the beach with her mom and brother fifteen-year-old Jane Arrowood went for a swim. And then everything — absolutely everything — changed. Now shes counting down the days until she returns to school with her fake arm where she knows kids will whisper Thats her — thats Shark Girl as she passes. In the meantime there are only questions: Why did this happen? Why her? What about her art? What about her life? In this striking first novel Kelly Bingham uses poems letters telephone conversations and newspaper clippings to look unflinchingly at what its like to lose part of yourself — and to summon the courage it takes to find yourself again. Shark Girl – by Kelly Bingham (Paperback)