STONEWALL JACKSON – Original Greatest Hits (CD) Description:

STONEWALL JACKSON – Nothing ever came easy for Stonewall Jackson; his dad died before he was born he ran away from home when he was 14 and finally made it to Music City in 1956 at age 24 just as the Nashville Sound was taking hold with its strings and choruses. Which of course was 100percent opposite from the kind of hardcore honky-tonk country that Stonewall played but he stuck to his guns and had a bunch of hits nonetheless which is a real testament to how good this guy was. Youll find the top two dozen tracks here all original Columbia recordings featuring such #1 hits as Waterloo and B.J. the D.J. together with a revealing essay by Colin Escott containing quotes from the man himself and photos. The definitive Stonewall Jackson collection and its not even close. STONEWALL JACKSON – Original Greatest Hits (CD)