Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season (4 Discs) Description:

Supernatural: The Complete Resurrection. After enduring unspeakable torture Dean escapes from Hell rescued by an all-powerful creature hes never seen before an Angel a warrior of God who recruits Sam and Dean in Heavens battle against Hell. And there are whispers that a certain fallen angel will soon be freed from his prison deep in Hell: Lucifer. If Sam and Dean cant stop it and if Lucifer walks free hell bring on the Apocalypse. Meanwhile the Winchester brothers reunite and hit the road battling the supernatural wherever they go. They encounter demons spirits Dracula himself and even a drunk heavily armed 7-foot-tall teddy bear. All the while the ultimate war draws them into its horror throughout this enthralling 6-Disc 22-Episode Season Four. Caught between Heaven and Hell between God and the Devil the Winchester brothers must battle for the future of humankind. Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season (4 Discs)