Taylor 4-Event Digital Timer with Dry Erase Description:

Taylor 4-Event Digital What’s the secret to creating the perfect meal? Timing! There is nothing worse than a cold entrée coupled with a dried out hard side dish. The Multi Event Timer with Whiteboard by Taylor will make you the talk of the block for your next dinner party! The unit is small enough to hold comfortably in your hand but also has a built in easel so it can stand on its own and magnets on back to attach to your appliances. Best of all the item has 4 separate timers in one unit so you can simultaneously keep track of everything from the roast you’re cooking to the layer cake destined to wow your guests! This multi-purpose timer will make all your cooking simpler – daily meals for the family or large elaborate feasts for 8! Part of the Plan and Prep™ line the Taylor Multi Event Timer with White Board comes with a built-in dry erase board and its own pen and eraser to write down each event. The easy to read display conveniently separates each event. You simply write down what you’re cooking on the dry erase board next to that timer display. Timer 1 gets turkey timer 2 gets potatoes timer 3 gets vegetables timer 4 gets blueberry pie. Each event can time up to 24 hours 59 minutes. Best of all each event has its own unique tone so you will know when the turkey is done and needs to come out of the oven while the pie may need to sit inside for a few minutes with reduced heat. The sound is loud so you are able to go about your business throughout the house and not be tied to the kitchen. The timer counts up or counts down – adapting to the project at hand. 2 AAA batteries included. To use press EVENT to select your first item. A TIME icon shows in the timer screen. Press HR to set hours MIN to set minutes. Press START/STOP to start the active timer. Press EVENT again to add the next item and repeat the steps above. It’s that simple! When you’re not cooking the whiteboard is great for jotting down your notes and reminders in your kitchen. Use it to time the kid’s naps time your exercise routine reminders for taking medication you name it! Taylor 4-Event Digital Timer with Dry Erase