The Blue Flower – by Penelope Fitzgerald Description:

The Blue Flower An astonishing book . . . Fitzgerald s greatest triumph. New York Times Book Review The Blue Flower is set in the age of Goethe in the small towns and great universities of late eighteenth-century Germany. It tells the true story of Friedrich von Hardenberg a passionate impetuous student of philosophy who will later gain fame as the Romantic poet Novalis. Fritz seeks his father s permission to wed his hearts heart his spirits guide a plain simple child named Sophie von Kuhn. It is an attachment that shocks his family and friends. Their brilliant young Fritz betrothed to a twelve-year-old dullard? How can this be? The irrationality of love the transfiguration of the commonplace the clarity of purpose that comes with knowing one s own fate these are the themes of this beguiling novel themes treated with a mix of wit grace and mischievous humor unique to the art of Penelope Fitzgerald. An extraordinary imagining . . . an original masterpiece. Hermione Lee Financial Times PENELOPE FITZGERALD (1916 2000) was one of the most elegant and distinctive voices in British fiction. She won the National Book Critics Circle Award in fiction for The Blue Flower the Booker Prize for Offshore and three of her novels The Bookshop The Gate of Angels and The Beginning of Spring were short-listed for the Booker Prize. The Blue Flower – by Penelope Fitzgerald