The Butterfly Effect/The Butterfly Effect 2 (DVD) Description:

The Butterfly Effect/The If you could go back in time and alter events in your life would you do it? Would you change your childhood? Bring back a loved one • Subtitles: English and Español. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2 INCLUDES: • Widescreen Format [16×9 1.85:1] • Commentary by Director John R. Leonetti and Co-Producer Michael Stirling • Featurette Altering Reality: On the Set of The Butterfly Effect 2 • Subtitles: English and Español (Main Feature. Bonus Material/Trailer May Not Be Subtitled). from the grave? Of course you would. Or would you? Would you be prepared for a string of terrifying unintended consequences that come from playing God? Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart confront the unexpected in the daring and dazzling The Butterfly Effect (Side A). Next Eric Lively and Erica Durance face the consequences of their own altered time streams in The Butterfly Effect 2 (Side B). Can a butterfly flapping its wings cause a windstorm thousands of miles away? Witness the eerie and gripping results of not one but two Butterfly Effects! THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT INCLUDES: • Widescreen Format [16×9 1.85:1] The Butterfly Effect/The Butterfly Effect 2 (DVD)