The Critter Club (Paperback) by Callie Barkley Description:

The Critter Club The first three Critter Club books are now available in one cuddly collection In this bind-up of the first three Critter Club stories read about four best friends who band together to form a rescue shelter to save lost and lonely animals in their town. Amy Ellie Liz and Marion each have their own different personalities and interests but they all have one thing in common: a serious love of animals. Together they help a lost puppy abandoned bunnies and a wandering turtle. Join The Critter Club and fall in love with this fun flock of friends Included in this chapter book bind-up are: #1 Amy and the Missing Puppy #2 All About Ellie #3 Liz Learns a Lesson The Critter Club (Paperback) by Callie Barkley