The Dash – by Linda Ellis (Hardcover) Description:

The Dash – When your life is over everything you did will be represented by a single dash between two dates–what will that dash mean for the people you have known and loved? As Joseph Epstein once said We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents or the country of our birth. We do not most of us choose to die. . . . But within this realm of choicelessness we do choose how we live. And that is what The Dash is all about. Beginning with an inspiring poem by Linda Ellis titled The Dash renowned author Mac Anderson then applies his own signature commentary on how the poem motivates us to make certain choices in our lives–choices to ignore the calls of selfishness and instead reach out to others using our God-given abilities to brighten their days and lighten their loads. After all at the end of life how we will be remembered–whether our dash represents a full joyous life of seeking Gods glory or merely the space between birth and death–will be entirely up to the people weve left behind the lives weve changed. The Dash – by Linda Ellis (Hardcover)