The Fifth Commandment (DVD) Description:

The Fifth Commandment Chance Templeton (Rick Yune of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) has every reason to be angry. At a young age he learned to channel the pain of witnessing his parents’ grisly murder through an intense mentorship with a professional hitman (THE THING’s Keith David). Ever since he’s been a remorseless contract-killing machine. But when his latest hit turns out to be the pop singer whom his dear adopted brother (Bokeem Woodbine) has been assigned to protect Chance finally comes across a kill he can’t make. Now the bounty is on the heads of Chance and the ones he loves and if he wants to make it out alive he must use his lethal skills against the underworld that bestowed them to him. THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT is an emotionally wrought action-extravaganza penned by Yune himself. The Fifth Commandment (DVD)