The Freedom Writers Diary Teachers Guide – Description:

The Freedom Writers A standards-based teachers guide from the educator behind the #1 New York Times bestseller The Freedom Writers Diary with innovative teaching techniques that will engage empower and enlighten. Dont miss the public television documentary Freedom Writers: Stories from the Heart In response to thousands of letters and e-mails from teachers across the country who learned about Erin Gruwell and her amazing students in The Freedom Writers Diary and the hit movie Freedom Writers Gruwell and a team of teacher experts have written The Freedom Writers Diary Teachers Guide a book that will encourage teachers and students to expand the walls of their classrooms and think outside the box. Here Gruwell goes in depth and shares her unconventional but highly successful educational strategies and techniques (all 150 of her students who had been deemed unteachable graduated from Wilson High School in Long Beach California): from her very successful toast for change (an exercise in which Gruwell exhorted her students to leave the past behind and start fresh) to writing exercises that focus on the importance of journal writing vocabulary and more. In an easy-to-use format with black-and-white illustrations this teachers guide will be the essential go-to manual for teachers who want to make a difference in their pupils lives. The Freedom Writers Diary Teachers Guide –