The Gift of the Magi – by Description:

The Gift of William Sydney Porter–later to be known as O. Henry–was born in North Carolina in 1862. Known for his surprise endings and ability to capture the hope and pathos of ordinary people Henry is best remembered for his stories about New York City. The Gift of the Magi was written in 1906 four years before his death. Lisbeth Zwerger has been accorded nearly every prize that can be given including the highest international award for lifetime achievement the Hans Christian Andersen Medal. Since 1981 she has devoted her extraordinary talents to childrens literature to stories as charming and picturesque as her native Vienna. Always surprising always engaging her artwork combines technical mastery with an insight and gentleness so rare and captivating that she has been correctly called one of the finest illustrators of the twentieth century. The Gift of the Magi – by