The Lottery and Other Stories – (FSG Description:

The Lottery and The stories remind one of the elemental terrors of childhood. –James Hilton Herald Tribune In her art as in her life Shirley Jackson was an absolute original. She listened to her own voice kept her own counsel isolated herself from all intellectual and literary currents . . . . She was unique. –Newsweek Shirley Jackson is unparalleled as a leader in the field of beautifully written quiet cumulative shudders. –Dorothy Parker Esquire I implore you not to read this story unless you can take a day or a week afterward to think about it. A great story like a great vintage throws a crust of sediment which may destroy- the bouquet and cause ulcers later. If you dont feel the tweak of the ulcers you havent really read this story. –Christopher Morley author of The Haunted Bookshop Perhaps more than anything else the horror story or horror movie says its okay to join the mob to be the total tribal being to destroy the outsider. It has never been done better or more literally than in Shirley Jacksons short story The Lottery. –Stephen King Danse Macabre One of [the twentieth] centurys most luminous and strange American writers . . . Shirley Jackson wrote about the mundane evils hidden in everyday life and about the warring and subsuming of selves in a family a community and sometimes even in a single mind. –Jonathan Lethem Salon Everything this author wrote . . . had in it the dignity and plausibility of myth . . . Shirley Jackson knew better than any writer since Hawthorne the value of haunted things. –Guy Davenport The New York Times Book Review The Lottery and Other Stories – (FSG