The Power of One – by Bryce Description:

The Power of The Power of One has everything: suspense the exotic violence; mysticism psychology and magic; schoolboy adventures drama. -The New York Times Unabashedly uplifting . . . asserts forcefully what all of us would like to believe: that the individual armed with the spirit of independence-the power of one-can prevail. -Cleveland Plain Dealer In 1939 as Hitler casts his enormous cruel shadow across the world the seeds of apartheid take root in South Africa. There a boy called Peekay is born. His childhood is marked by humiliation and abandonment yet he vows to survive and conceives heroic dreams-which are nothing compared to what life actually has in store for him. He embarks on an epic journey through a land of tribal superstition and modern prejudice where he will learn the power of words the power to transform lives and the power of one. Totally engrossing . . . [presents] the metamorphosis of a most remarkable young man and the almost spiritual influence he has on others . . . Peekay has both humor and a refreshingly earthy touch and his adventures at times are hair-raising in their suspense. -Los Angeles Times Book Review Marvelous . . . It is the people of the sun-baked plains of Africa who tug at the heartstrings in this book. . . . [Bryce] Courtenay draws them all with a fierce and violent love. -The Washington Post Book World Impressive. -Newsday A compelling tale. -The Christian Science Monitor The Power of One – by Bryce